We offer our customers an option to get our product assembled from our experienced technicians. 

To get a quote for the assembly charge, please contact the store of purchase. The contact details of each store can be found on the Contact Us page. The assembly fee is charges per item.

Following are the terms and conditions for taking the goods inside customer’s property and assembling the products,

  • While taking goods inside / during assembly if there is any accidental damage to customer’s property, both The A2Z Furniture Pty Ltd and there staff will not be held liable.
  • Please ensure that the access is appropriate for the furniture being delivered. This includes ensuring your doorways are wide enough to fit the product in, the item can fit upstairs or in a lift (if required) and that there is nothing blocking the path of the delivery in hallways, stairwells or driveways extra charges may apply if additional work is required.
  • During delivery, if the product cannot be delivered to the intended address or place in the house due to lack of space, delivery and/ or assembly charges is not refundable.


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