Gold Coast Queen Bed Guide: Avoid These Buyer Nightmares! 

july 4, 2020


Ah, the Gold Coast – a haven of sunshine, beaches, and the promise of a good night's sleep. But for first-time queen bed buyers, navigating the world of mattresses and frames can feel like a confusing dream. Fear not, weary adventurer! This guide will help you avoid common mistakes and ensure your new queen bed becomes a sleep sanctuary, not a source of frustration.


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Mistake #1: Size Matters… But Not Just the Bed!

You've fallen in love with a luxurious queen bed, but will it fit in your bedroom? Don't forget to factor in nightstands, lamps, and walking space. At The A2Z Furniture in Bundall, our friendly staff can help you measure your space and ensure your dream bed doesn't become a logistical nightmare.

Mistake #2: Blinded by Beauty, Neglecting Comfort

Yes, a stunning headboard is a vision, but how will you sleep on it? Don't prioritize aesthetics over comfort. Test out different mattresses at The A2Z Furniture to find one that suits your sleep style – back sleeper? Side sleeper? We have options for everyone!