Corner Sofa FAQs: The A2Z Furniture Guide to Creating Your Dream Living Space

Dec 25, 2021


Corner sofas offer a stylish and comfortable solution for maximizing seating in your living room. But with so many choices, a few questions might pop up. The A2Z Furniture is here to help! We have a vast selection of corner sofas on display at our Bundall store on the Gold Coast, and our friendly staff is always happy to assist you. In the meantime, this FAQ will answer some common corner sofa queries:


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Not at all! While corner sofas excel at utilizing corners, they can also be used creatively.  They can function as room dividers or define separate areas within a larger living space.  Think about the traffic flow in your room and how you'll be using the space before deciding on placement.

The answer might surprise you! A well-positioned corner sofa can actually open up a room. By creating better flow and utilizing unused corners, they can enhance the feeling of spaciousness. Choosing the right size and style for your room is key.

The ideal placement depends on your room's layout, entrances, and intended use. Here are some tips:

  • Traffic flow: Ensure there's enough space to comfortably walk around the sofa.
  • Focal point: Often, corner sofas are placed facing a fireplace, TV, or another central feature in the room.
  • Seating arrangement: Consider how many people you typically need to seat and arrange the sofa accordingly.

Imagine yourself standing in the doorway of your living room, looking in. The side of the sofa that creates the corner on your left is a left-hand facing corner sofa, and vice versa. Think about which configuration would best suit your layout and how it would interact with other furniture. At The A2Z Furniture, our showroom allows you to visualize different configurations!

Corner sofas provide a strong foundation for your living room. Here are some ideas to complete your space:

  • Coffee table: Choose a coffee table that complements the size and style of your sofa and offers easy access from all seating areas.
  • Armchairs: Add armchairs for additional seating or create a conversation area.
  • Rug: A rug can define the living space and tie the furniture together. Consider the size and color scheme of your sofa when choosing a rug.

Ready to find your perfect corner sofa?

Visit our showroom in Bundall on the Gold Coast! Our knowledgeable staff can help you find the perfect corner sofa for your needs and show you how to arrange it for optimal comfort and style. We carry a wide selection of other furniture to complement your new sofa and create your dream living space.

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