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People frequently get caught up in design while looking for a new bed frame and overlook function. You want a bed that is both lovely and comfy. A bed frame is a financial investment that will help you unwind after a demanding day. You should invest in a bed frame that you'll like for years to come because it is one of the fundamental components of a bedroom.


Not sure where to begin? When you start looking for a new bed frame, you might be startled by the options available because beds come in various sizes, designs, forms, and materials. However, the experienced A2Z Furniture staff is here to assist, so don't worry.


Choose the Appropriate Bed Size


Before you choose a bed frame, think about the size of your bedroom. First, consider how much room your bed frame and nightstands might take up. Provide at least one metre of space on each of the bed's three sides. You have ample room to move about here without restriction.

Choose the size of bed you require based on the size of your bedroom. To determine the appropriate length, consider the tallest person who will sleep in the bed and add around 15 cm.

Couples can move comfortably in a queen-sized frame thanks to its large area. However, you could want a king-size frame if your children enjoy jumping in with you. A double-size frame is ideal for an adult who requires additional space. Teenagers also benefit from this size because it can hold them for an extended period.

Take into account the Bed Frames' Heights

Height is a crucial factor to consider when buying a bed frame. A higher ceiling is necessary for high beds; otherwise, your bedroom may seem confined. On the other hand, if the bed is too low, cleaning it may be challenging, especially if you keep household belongings.

Bed Material

Wooden Bed Frame

The most popular material used to construct bed frames is wood. It is renowned for its enduring quality and natural appearance, which keeps the bed frames looking lovely and robust for years. With storage drawers, wooden bed frames are available in many different designs. For a classic bedroom, choose elaborate details; for a modern bedroom, choose a straightforward style.

Bed Frames with Plush Fabric Upholstery

For their elegant design, fashionable bed frames with high-end fabric upholstery are popular. Your bedroom will feel cosy and offer soft comfort thanks to an upholstered bed frame.

Leather Bed Frames

A leather bed frame is exquisite and robust since it is primarily constructed of solid wood before being covered with leather. Genuine, imitation, and vegan leather bed frames are available in black, grey, and white.

Gas Lift Bed Frames

Want to increase the amount of storage in your bedroom? A gas lift bed frame may be a useful storage option for tiny rooms. Under the mattress, gas lift bed frames include built-in storage. This storage space has a gas lift mechanism for simple access. The main feature of this bed frame is that it offers a hidden storage compartment without taking up more surface space.

Explore our Extensive Range of Bed Frames

We hope our shopping guide has assisted you in making a wise choice. We provide a wide selection of bed frames to fit the lifestyle of Australians, whether you're seeking to buy one for your kids' room, guest room, or primary bedroom. Our modern bed frames, which have easy storage options, are ideal for a bedroom design. They come in the five standard bed frame sizes used in Australia: single, king single, double, queen, and king. Check out our product pages for additional details.

Visit The A2Z Furniture today to browse our selection of bed frames and to purchase them online.


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