Is it important to try a mattress first?

Did you know that we spend about one-third of our lives in bed? It's important that we feel safe and protected at this moment. Our team has rated all of our mattress according to their firmness however, since feelings are subjective, we recommend that you check the mattress out in person. After lying on a firm bed, you can find that you like a medium feel!

How to select mattress firmness?

The way a mattress feels is completely subjective, since it is based on your own personal experience. Specific needs, tastes, experience, body type, size, fitness, and aches all contribute to the subjectivity. Aim for at least 15-20 minutes of lying in bed.

What is the difference between soft, medium and firm mattress?

Soft: Some mattresses give you the sensation of being hugged; any part of your body that touches the bed feels like you're snuggling into a large fuzzy comforting cloud. The top panel has a lofty, cushiony appearance, and the surface is adjustable under your body, contouring and molding to your form. This feels like a fluffy, comfortable, ultra-plush, or super soft mattress to us.

Medium: We imagine a medium feel to be when you lie down on a mattress with a balanced degree of contouring and push back. Under your body, the top panel is not too lofty nor too rigid; there is some molding and ‘hugging,' but it isn't claustrophobic.

Firm: A solid mattress will automatically press back against the body, has an inflexible base, and the top panel will be devoid of puffiness and "bounce." This mattress is classified as solid, super firm, or extra firm.

Is it important to rotate the mattress?

Any new mattress's surface will have indentations as it contours around your body shape. This isn't really a sign of a flaw in the production process. To extend the life of your mattress, we suggest rotating it from head to toe on a regular basis.
Our mattresses are designed to be used on one side only.   As a result, they must be rotated from one end to the other. For the first four months, we advise rotating every two weeks, and three times a month after that.